GCS Pakistan remains the major privately owned ground investigation contractor in the Pakistan, providing quality data to the construction industry. Our wealthy experience in geotechnical given that professional services such as civil works construction, investigation visit to sites for on-the-site assessment of site surroundings, grounding of the most reasonable subsoil investigation programs, laboratory testing, assessment of field data and lab test results together with static and dynamic soil/design parameters.

We also recommend on slope consistency, design of foundations (shallow or bottomless) and pavements, investigation and design of dams, Cost Estimates, credentials including viability Reports, Geotechnical Investigation Reports, Technical & Economical Proposals.

GCS also take on the evaluation of obtainable and new buildings and soil properties are taken following boring through Rotary/ Percussion way. We are Rawalpindi Pakistan based company.This comfortable position on the motorway network enables us to provide a nationwide service.

We promise exact, precise and trustworthy tests in the field of Geotechnical Engineering, with least time frame. Quality, accuracy and precision are the trademark of GCS Pakistan.

GCS Pakistan is uniformly concerned in the civil works construction commotion including infra structure development. It possesses all the inputs via: engineers, employees, gear and essential T & P for implementation of work of any magnitude.

GCS can also help you with all your certification, inspection, and consulting needs in all phases of your oil and gas extraction and refinement projects. It doesn't matter whether you are involved in planning, construction, or operations – we provide support so that you can optimize your processes. That lets you ensure trouble-free operations of your plant and equipment, so that they maintain their value and provide maximum service life.